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Read our testimonials to see what customers in the Greater Philadelphia area say about Nask Door.

“I want to thank you for the professional service Michael provided when he came out to fix my garage door. I think most people would expect a repair company to visit, confirm a problem, and then schedule the repair. It was very refreshing that Michael arrived (on time, another plus that I was dealing with a professional company). He quickly discovered what was needed to fix the problem. He said, “I’ll have the repair done in an hour.” And the job was complete in the hour. Thank You, Nask Door.” – Margo G., Penn Valley, PA


“I’ve always loved Nask Doors’ products and technicians. And my experience today was no different. Special praise goes to Michael, who I believe went above and beyond with handling my concerns. What a competent, patient and delightful garage door representative Nask has. Thank you so much, Michael.” – Lester C., King of Prussia, PA


“You guys did a great job and handled our broken garage door and motorcycle situation really well.” – Angie B., West Chester, PA


“Scheduled appointment the same day I called. The technician was great, Dan explained everything and assured me the garage door would be perfect when he was done. And he did what he said. I also switched out my rollers to the nylon rollers – smooth and quiet – I highly recommend them and Nask Door. – Stephanie B., Wayne, PA


“Thank you very much. Danny did a fantastic job. He is a professional.” – Tony S., Exton, PA


“Every once in a while you run into an excellent company whose sincere interest is 1st and foremost in helping their customers & prospects. I am very happy to say Nask Door is such a company!

I moved into my home 12 years ago in Lionville. The garage door worked like a charm for many years. Finally after 5 years I needed help in programming a new remote control unit. After contacting the builder and learning that Nask Door had installed the units in my development, I contacted Nask Door.

I was connected with a very knowledgeable & helpful person on the phone – Joe Nask (Jr). Joe took time with me to explain what had to be done in so in a very professional & knowledgeable manner. What surprised me was that Joe refused to take compensation for helping me out – even after giving of his time and expertise!

I was so impressed that I had found the company who really cares for its customers that I hung onto their number – should I ever need their service in the future.

Almost 7 years later I came home to the horrible realization that my garage door would not open. It would go up a couple of inches – then back down. Finally after coordinating with my wife on the inside and my lifting on the outside, I managed to get the door open only to find out that the lift assist spring had broken! 🙁

Immediately, I went to my garage door manual where had listed the contact information for Nask Door. ‘Called them early in the morning the next day and explained my dilemma. Tonya, who answered the phone was extremely helpful and said she would do her best to get someone out that very day!

She followed through as promised and said that the service man (Fran) would be out in the morning. Unfortunately my wife was sick and had to go to the doctor. In addition, I was in the middle of a big project at work. I told Fran that I would be more than happy to drop what I was doing at work and come home if he needed me there. Fran said he should be fine and would call me to keep me posted. He said he was fairly certain he would be able to complete the task by noon.

True to his word Fran called as promised & explained what the problem was and what he was going to do to fix it. He fixed it then called at 11:50 to tell me that everything was completed and working fine.

Nask Door knew very well that I was in a tight bind and they could have really “Raked me over the Coals” with charges. Their charge was very reasonable – especially considering the fact that they rearranged their schedules & made arrangements to come out the very morning I called with my problem!

I only wish that half of the companies that I deal with in life had one iota of the customer service mentality & integrity of Nask Door.” -Barry, Lionville, PA “(If you want to speak with me personally about my experiences with Nask Door, feel free to contact the company who will put us in touch.)”